B.N.M. was founded with the vision of offering entrepreneurs effective assistance, support and guidance in the processes of negotiation.  Our negotiation experts are equipped with many years of business experience in various disciplines that significantly enhance negotiation process management.

Our negotiation support services are adapted to your personal needs as well as the circumstances of your negotiation.  The purpose of our support is to assist in your current negotiation process and give you tools that will develop your skills for future negotiations.  As an impartial third party, we are able to isolate the process and guide a client toward optimal results

Atty. Michael Tsur

International Negotiation Expert with over 20 years of experience, Executive Director and Founder of the Shakla & Tariya Center for Negotiation Training

Ben Ofarim

Negotiation Specialist with Organizational-Consulting background and extensive experience in the High-tech and NGO sectors (MBA from New York University).

Aviad Rodan

Negotiation Expert, Business Administration VIP specializing in the tourism industry