Alon – Start-up company

I used the services of B.N.M. when we began recruiting members of the Advisory Board for our project.  The process included mapping of all options, thorough study of each candidate, strategy formation of direction and exact preparation of the meeting.  After all of the preparation process, I felt confident and prepared, I was able to analyze every possible scenario and to respond to all questions in a very concise and professional manner.  The results were amazing and we succeeded in harnessing all of the talents that we wanted within the conditions of the project.

Michal – HR Manager

I got to know the B.N.M. company when we attempted to recruit a senior staff member for our company and were required to conduct negotiations with his former company regarding a number of subjects that were connected to the previous contract and to summarize the main articles of the employment contract.  After the first attempt, we understood the advantages and importance of learning the art of negotiations and we began a learning and tutoring process for each level of senior management that has contact with clients and suppliers.

Oz – Production Company

Our company deals with productions and product promotion in the business sector.  A few months ago, we were involved in negotiations for a large production in the field of cars that was bogged down.  In the production were a number of parties that needed to join forces in order to properly execute the project.  Among them were the car importers, municipality, sponsors and others.  When I began to understand that the project might fall apart, I contacted the B.N.M. experts that assisted us in getting the negotiations back to the table and the cooperation for successfully closing the transaction to all parties' satisfaction.

David – Family owned business

Following my release from the military, I decided to establish a business together with my cousin.  We were both so enthusiastic and wanted to quickly establish ourselves and to promote our business activities without giving thought to securing agreements and a clear definition of each role.  After one and a half years of activity, differences of opinion arose between us and at a certain point he left the joint project and opened a competing business while utilizing the knowledge and clientele gained from the joint company.  As a result, the business dispute led to a family dispute and today we are in a difficult situation.  Fortunately, the B.N.M. experts were successful, with great sensitivity and expertise in re-gaining our trust in each other and reaching an orderly agreement of asset division in the joint company.  Through your assistance we succeeded to re-join efforts in business and to restore the relationships in the family.

Moshe – Employee's Committee

I will begin by saying that you saved us.  As representatives of the elected employee committee, we were faced with a hopeless situation.  We contacted B.N.M. in the hope that we could arrive at an understanding with the management in regard to improving certain work conditions, and we succeeded far beyond our wildest dreams!  I truly loved the cooperation with B.N.M. and the fact that through your assistance, the management looked us straight in the eyes.  Besides that, I think that without the presence of B.N.M. we could not have achieved what we did and preserve the high level of trust with the management.  Due to their assistance, I would like to thank the representatives of B.N.M. for the encompassing and efficient service and of course for the success.

Galit – Purchase of a company

B.N.M. transformed for me, as an investor, the manner in which to conduct negotiations.  I utilized their services when I wanted to purchase a certain company that would aid me with other activities in which I am involved and I understood that the second party was not sure if it was truly interested in selling and what the price would be.  The B.N.M. representatives aided me in the process of introduction with the seller and to gain his trust.  Finally, they stood by me in managing the purchase arrangements and if to judge by performance, I highly recommend them from the bottom of my heart!

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