The New Rules of Engagement:
An Interactive Negotiation Workshop


Every negotiating party, whether individual or team, needs a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the craft and can always benefit from a refresher. If you, your company, or your NGO is seeking to reach fruitful agreements with different and sometimes difficult parties, this high-impact interactive workshop is for you.
Highlights and Benefits
Developed and delivered by Michael Tzur – a leading Israeli negotiator known to top-level government officials and businesspeople – this workshop will provide you with:
  • Tools to move away from conflict and toward collaboration, to be able to transform complex disputes into deals, and improve existing deals
  • A proven framework to gain competitive advantage and to maximize value in chaotic, high-pressure disputes
  • A set of strategies to effectively deal with difficult negotiation behaviors and “hard-to-get” tactics
Experience and Impact
At every negotiation table, there are invisible guests – uncertainty, stress, subconscious motives, and stalemate. Through active participation in carefully-designed simulations, you’ll get to practice being alert to the outer situation while being aware of your own inner reality – your subjective interpretations mixed with your intuitions and assumptions. You’ll learn to find futurable solutions that serve both the short and the long term, and that feel acceptable to all parties.
About Michael
A lawyer and an international expert on negotiation, conflict management, and crisis management, Michael Tzur is the founder of Shakla & Tariya – a program to study negotiation as a profession, the first of its kind in Israel and abroad. For over two decades, Michael taught at leading academic institutions in Israel and around the world, including as an adjunct professor at the Law Faculty of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, professor at the Master’s Program in Conflict Studies College in Minnesota, and as a visiting scholar at different institutions in New York, Milan, and Tbilisi.
Since 1999, Michael has been a member of the Israeli General Staff's negotiating team and has been actively involved in various negotiations including complex terrorist incidents and deals. Today, he acts as a senior consultant accompanying company owners, CEOs, chairpersons and board members, and private individuals, to negotiate crisis situations in around the world.
About BNM
B.N.M. was created out of a desire to maximize the bargaining capabilities of different negotiating parties, with the aim of bringing their negotiations to successful conclusions. Our goal is to use our experience to provide effective assistance and guidance to negotiators around the world.
All BNM consultants have firsthand senior management experiences in both corporate and government settings, and have extensive practice in accompanying companies and government officials through negotiations and crisis situations. They are well integrated into the economic and security systems of Israel and have taken leading roles in international negotiations.
Michael’s United States Tour
Michael is coming to the U.S. with the sole purpose of connecting with Jewish community leaders and businesspeople, training them with the new best practices, latest research, and a personalized approach, with his special workshop