A special workshop by Michael Tzur
The State of Israel has extensive experience and development in the field of strategic military technology, Innovation, and start-ups. To reach these high levels of business, it is necessary to negotiate for them. B.N.M was established by Israeli experts in negotiations and with great experience in the security and economic systems of the State of Israel. Our vision is to use our experience to provide an effective assistance and guidance to the process of negotiations around the world. Our negotiation experts are equipped with many years of business experience in different disciplines, which bring significant value to the negotiation table.
 We offer a special 4 Hours workshop in November by Michael Tzur, for business people, Jewish communities, and organizations, to teach you the principles of negotiation and equip you with effective tools for success.
The workshop price is 5,000$ for up to 50 people 
About Michael Tzur
Adv. Michael Tzur is an international expert on negotiation, conflict management, crisis management and the founder of the first program of its kind in Israel and abroad to study the negotiation professions - Shakla & Tariya. For more than two decades he has taught and guided the field in leading academic frameworks in Israel and around the world. For 22 years Michael has been lecturing at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the Law Faculty of Business Administration, Lecturer in Master Program in Conflict Studies Colleges in Minnesota, New York, Milan, and Tbilisi. Member of international negotiating teams.
Since 1999, Michael has been a member of the General Staff's negotiating team and for the past two decades has been involved in various issues related to negotiations, terrorist incidents, and terrorist attacks. Senior consultant and accompanying company owners, CEOs, chairpersons and board members, including private individuals in crisis situations in around the world.


All of us are negotiating all the time in our daily lives.
Let's learn how to do it right.
Michael will be in the USA in November Leave details and we will be happy to get back to you with more information